About Alex DiMercurio

I'm a French-born New Zealand artist with a deep love for nature and art, blending post-impressionism, fauvism, and abstract realism into my own style.

I have been both a galleried and a professional, self-representing artist for over 20 years, connecting directly with curators and collectors across the globe.

My mission is to celebrate the simple beauty of the natural world by creating immersive and contemplative works that enhance our connection to nature and encourage a conservationist heart.

I'm captivated by the interplay of movement, light, and contrasting shadows in natural settings infused with vibrant colours.

My latest highly textural abstract cloudscapes, with warm sunset or sunrise hues, seemingly levitate off the walls, inviting you to get up close to explore and touch them.

While simultaneously inviting you to step back to see a different perspective.

Exterior of the Louvre in Paris

From the beginning

Having a very Parisian artist mother, I was immersed in a world of celebrated art and museums from a young age. I vividly recall standing in awe before Claude Monet's 'Waterlilies' at Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris, an early personal inspiration. Painting and creativity has since consumed and inspired me. From early beginnings as an art student I was hand-picked to have paintings exhibited at The Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt, in 1990. Later on, my second group exhibition held at Saatchi & Saatchi's 5 Stories High gallery was a sold-out success, motivating me to pursue my dream of becoming a full-time artist.

I've since enjoyed a prolific artistic career, exhibiting in galleries and group shows, creating commissioned works for both national & international clients, and gaining recognition in publications and national Art Awards.

Travel painting by Alex DiMercurio of Old Ragusa in Sicily

More recently

I embarked on a transformative five-year journey, travelling South America, touring Europe in a motorhome, and sailing around the Mediterranean. Despite limited space and no art studio, I channeled my creativity into small watercolour works, inspired by the ever-changing world around me. Ironically it was New Zealand's pristine nature that always called me to paint.

Having moved back home to New Zealand after the Covid pandemic in 2022, I now have my new gorgeous studio and creative space back again. I’ve learnt along the way that being creative and communicating my ideas, emotions and passions through painting is what nourishes me.

  • My playground

    A light and airy creative space. The sun streams into this little haven in the mornings. Inviting me in to get started with a cup of tea in hand and my music playing. Usually my little fur-buddy Millau comes to see what I'm doing. He really is the best company and doesn't take up any space.

  • A place for my tools

    I've always dreamed of displaying all my paints like you see in the art stores. No more digging in boxes looking for that one specific colour! And when I am concepting an idea I also get to daydream out onto my garden of lush native trees while listening to birdlife.

  • In the moment

    I'm usually working on several pieces at a time so things can get messy. When I need a break from the intense concentration of a larger canvas I play and experiment on smaller works. This is where I have a lot of fun. Anything goes!


I graduated from Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand in 2002, and have more recently studied fine arts at private art schools in Montmartre, Paris and the Cannes Beaux Arts institute. 

Notably, in 2019 I had the privilege of working within the historic faculty residence of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec where he first met Suzanne Valadon. His friend Vincent van Gogh would often frequent and share this very art studio. Montmartre's legacy as Paris’ creative hub is remarkable. Other renowned figures such as Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir shaped its artistic landscape. To engage with this amazing heritage, soak up the atmosphere and walk the same winding, cobbled streets of such incredible artistic legends while also realising my lifelong artistic aspirations was a profound experience.

During my six-month residency in Paris, I also devoted myself to weekly visits at the Louvre, which is a treasure-trove of art history. And where I engaged myself in intensive drawing and immersive study sessions alongside the masters of classical, neo-classical, Hellenistic, Renaissance, and Baroque art. 

2020 - 2023 Association des beaux-arts de Cannes, France.

2019 Studio Escalier, Montmatre, Paris, France.

2010-2013 Inverlochy Art School, Wellington.

1998-2002 Business Degree, Massey University, Wellington.

1991 Visual Communication and Design, Massey University, Wellington



Several commissions for collectors

Wellington Art Show (Apr)

NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, Autumn (May) - Award Winner

Auckland Art Show (Apr)

Several commissions for collectors

Several commissions for collectors

2015 – 2022 - Overseas

NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, Art on the Wharf (Dec/Jan)
Wellington City Life Education Trust Art Exhibition, Academy Galleries (Nov)
NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, Naked (Mar/Apr)
The New Zealand Art Show, Wellington (Jul)
The Art Sale, Hamilton (Sep)2023
NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, An Artist’s Guide to Summer (Dec)
a+e Gallery, Napier, Group Show (Sep/Oct)
HCR Art Awards and Exhibition 2013
Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville, Group show (Aug)
The New Zealand Art Show, Wellington (Jul)
Thorndon Charity Art Auction, Wellington (Jul)
Illuminate Magazine, Artfind, Featured Artist (May)
The Original Art Sale, Auckland (May)
Inverlochy Art School, Wellington, Group Annual Exhibtion (Feb)
Artists Den & Gallery, Auckland, Kiwiana Art Exhibition (Jan/Feb)
NZ Art Show, Wellington (upcoming Aug)
The Museum Hotel, Wellington, NZ Art Show Preview (upcoming Apr)
Pearce Gallery, Parnell, Auckland - Gallery36, 4 Years on (Apr)
Funicular Eatery, Wellington (Feb)
The Kiwi Diary 2012 (Jan – Dec)
The NZ Art Show, Wellington (Jul)
Wellington City Life Education Trust Exhibition - Academy Galleries (Jun)
NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington – Now, Then, When (Mar)
The Kiwi Diary 2011 (Jan - Dec)
The Living Channel (NZ) Homepage Highlighted Artist (Jan - May) - www.livingchannel.co.nz
NZ Art Show, Wellington (Aug)
NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington – Artists as Activists (Aug)
Chaffers Gallery, Wellington (Jun)
Tamarillo Gallery, Wellington - Beech Symphonies (Apr)
Album Cover - Conversations Clean, C Moore (Mar)
Duxton Art Awards, Wellington (Mar)
New Zealand Artfind Calendar 2010 (Jan – Dec)

NZAFF Affordable Art Show, Wellington - Signature Award Piece Finalist (Aug)
Tamarillo Gallery, Wellington - Journeys Through Beech exhibition (Jun)
Tamarillo Gallery, Wellington - Sunset Journeys exhibition (Mar)
The Physics Room, Christchurch, National Drawing Award Touring Exhibition, finalist - (Nov 08 - Mar 09)
ARTSPACE, Auckland, National Drawing Award Touring Exhibition, finalist - (Nov 08 - Mar 09)
Enjoy Gallery, Wellington - National Drawing Award Touring Exhibition, finalist - (Nov 08 - Mar 09)
Academy Galleries, Wellington - Summer, Bringing the Outside In (Mar - Apr)

Academy Galleries, Wellington - Art to Go (Dec - Jan09)
Academy Galleries, Wellington - Winter (Aug)
NZAFA Affordable Art Show, Wellington (Aug) 
TV3 Nightline showcase story (3 Aug) – artwork showcased on Nightline for the opening night of the NZAFF Art Show
Academy Galleries, Wellington - Autumn (May)
Saatchi & Saatchi Gallery, Wellington - 5 Stories High exhibtion, Water Women (Mar - Jun)
Academy Galleries, Wellington, Festival 2008 (Feb - Mar)

NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington - Art to Go (Dec - Jan)
Delux Café, Wellington (Mar – Apr)
River East Gallery, Greytown (May)
Telecom Art Awards, NZ (Aug)
Emerge Gallery, Wellington (Nov)
NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, Spring 2007 Exhibition (Nov - Dec)

Cafe Art, Raumati
Telecom Art Awards, NZ Finalist
NZ Art Show NZAFA, Wellington

NZ Art Show NZAFA, Wellington

NZ Art Show NZAFA, Wellington

The Dowse Gallery, Lower Hutt, Wellington