I'm always extremely honoured to undertake private commissions for my wonderful art collectors. 

My most recent being for clients, and now collectors, whom had seen my work 10 years ago online but had never forgot it. They didn't remember my name but after 6 months of online reverse searching managed to track me down via social media. The process after that was fairly simple and involved a few emails to work out colours, their favourite artworks of mine (for inspiration), and composition in relation to where the painting would be placed in the house. After that I had carte blanche, which is an artists dream commission. 'Ephemeral' was born and delivered to it's forever home in Christchurch.

Another recent commission was from a client who saw my work 8 years ago at an art show, so when their grandmother passed more recently they used the inheritance to honour their beloved grandmother and also mother with one of my paintings. The inspiration would be the family farm trees painted in their granmother's favourite colour palette. It was a wonderful creative challenge and a privilege to paint. I've been told 'Betty's Branches' (shown above), in Auckland, will stay in the family to be handed down from generation to generation. 

The fact that both of these recent commissions came to me years after they had seen my work was utterly touching and heartfelt. It's the ultimate compliment to know that your work has had such a deeply profound effect on someone that they've never forgotten about the way your painting made them feel, even many years later. This right here is what artists dream of and why I continue to paint with my heart and soul.

So please feel free to contact me about any specific idea you have in mind and we can work out exactly what you would like in order to bring to life that certain place in your home that needs something extra special.

The Commission Proccess

Ideally the commissioned piece you have in mind will be in keeping with my style of painting. For inspiration you can view previous paintings on my instagram page.

Once the details have been finalised and a 20% deposit paid to secure your commitment to the project, the turnaround is about 3 - 4 weeks plus shipping.

During which, weekly updates and progress photos will be sent to keep you in the loop on your commissioned masterpiece.

Prices are based on my current rate of NZD$4000 p/m2.

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding this process. I'd love to hear from you and talk about your new artwork ideas.

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